Alarm maintenance

Why service your alarm system

Just like a car we need to ensure we get our intruder alarms

serviced at least once a year to ensure that it is working correctly.

It is essential that various checks are under taken to ensure that if the worst happens your intruder alarm system responds accordingly.

Many people believe that if they walk past a sensor and the LED lights up then the alarm must be working ok, but the reality is a sensor can fail at some point and the LED may well indicate that its picked that person up but is the sensor still reporting back to the panel itself?

Here are just some of the many checks that take place during an annual maintenance visit by A & V:

  • Walk test all detection devices on the system including panic buttons
  • Sounder tests for internal and external sounders plus external strobe
  • Main control panel standby battery test
  • All alarm signalling equipment (including B.T.line) and or GSM device
  • Checking to ensure all detectors are clear and not obstructed
  • Remote keypads areclean and working correctly
  • Code and fob management check with owner and update accordingly
  • Full set test to ensure all above checks work in an alarm situation

These are just some of the main tests undertaken during an alarm service.


Another important note: if you have told your house / property insurance company that you have an intruder alarm fitted in exchange for a premium discount the insurers may request a copy of your annual services.


If the main back-up battery is over 3 years old or if there has been a large amount of power issues at the premises you may well run into trouble with the panel as a result of this.


There is also a fire risk if the battery once old decides to leak acid or ‘cook up’ by refusing the trickle charge from the panel

In short if you have invested money into having an intruder alarm fitted,

it can only make sense to look after it and keep it maintained.

"Your security is our business"