Intruder Systems 

A & V believe in that age old saying "Prevention is better than Cure" when you decide to protect your property with some form of security just the visible presence of security on site will act as a major

deterrent from any potential threat.

Some people think that having security fitted may turn their property into something that looks more like Fort Knox with over powering large CCTV cameras, intruder alarm bell boxes on all elevations of the property plus numerous security notices warning off potential thieves.     

But these days many manufacturers have realised that people want a

security system installed on their property that looks smart whilst still 

indicating that their premises are protected.

We design cost effective solutions to your security needs that are discrete whilst still giving an obvious presence of a security system with or our intruder alarm systems and our HD CCTV solutions.

We also pride ourselves on the very highest standards of wired installations without unsightly cables being seen and we never install wireless alarm system as standard as we believe in 100% reliability which no wireless system can ever offer, please refer to our wireless vs wired information below to see why.


A&V Modern LED external sounders 



We only install the very latest LED backlit Bell Boxes which provide the earliest possible indication to any potential threat that your premises are fully protected, please ask for details.

As a registered Texecom installer we are supplying the security industry’s best award-winning security products available on the market.


As award-winning manufacturers Texecom produce some of the best security solutions with reliability being the key factor in all their products.



Our standard


alarm panel range



Our premier


alarm panel range

We can survey your property to ensure you have a system that works

for you, from the actual coverage and protection of your property,

to ensuring an aesthetically pleasing design and installation.

Our key aim is to design & supply a security system that works for you, we offer bespoke solutions to ensure your alarm system is how you want it whilst still giving you the correct level of security..

Helpful information

Wired vs Wireless systems.

In a world today where more and more things are becoming wireless with the use of Wi-Fi such as heating control, printing documents, streaming films to your smart device etc, etc, we at A & V do not use wireless alarm systems (except in extreme circumstances to resolve one off situations).


This because there are 2 main factors that can and will

often become issues,  1 = battery life on all devices and

2 = RF signal issues leading to either a false alarm

activation or even worse no activation at all during a break-in.

There are many ‘fit it and run’ companies springing up who are looking for a quick and easy installation with a wireless alarm system, they will be in and out in one day and will sell it to you by saying that there will be no wires running around the property and they can fit the detection devices to anywhere you want them and all this at a lower price..

But when things go wrong (which they will) many of these companies will either not give any after service at all as they will be aware of all the issues that are related with wireless (despite selling it to you in the first place), or some ‘wireless only companies’ will charge you to come out every time you have an issue and will do this as a form of repeat revenue to the company.

A & V Security are renowned for fitting wired alarm system without

any unsightly cables showing throughout the property.

This is down to years of experience and knowing full well what the customer wants and ensuring that your security system is installed correctly the first time

The systems we install are award winning and reliable and all installations come with a 2 year warranty period, as a company we are always just a phone call away to give you peace of mind at all times

whatever your question may be.

"Your security is our business"