CCTV Installations / Upgrades / Corrective work

Whatever your CCTV requirements are we will discuss and design a solution with you to ensure you get exactly what you require.

In the modern world we live in A & V believe everyone can afford a CCTV solution without breaking the bank!


We supply and install a wide range of CCTV solutions covering: Internal / external / covert / vandal resistant / infra-red night vision / day/night options

& even decoy solutions.

Keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world

with our HD remote access CCTV systems.


We provide various recording options and remote viewing options for your laptop, tablet, smartphone or PC


A & V only supply the best equipment available & all our

equipment comes with a 2 year warranty period as standard.

All cameras are hard wired using high quality coax as standard to allow HD 2-Megapixel images to travel back to your DVR (digital video recorder), we have many options available for the type of DVR you would require when it comes to how much storage and how many cameras etc.



All our CCTV solutions come with the option for remote viewing as mentioned above (provided that your premises have broadband

and a router available).

Our systems will never slow down your broadband speed (as we do not install IP cameras) as these require direct

connection onto your network.


The data usage is limited as data is only used when remotely connected to your CCTV and the data used is still very low                                                        compared to standard internet usage.


Example of an  A & V  HD upgrade


Our latest compact 2-megapixel HD internal camera with day night vision infra-red LED is smaller than a tennis ball and produces the same image as shown above.


Our external cameras are avaliable in both grey & white to either standout or blend in, the choice is yours

All our external cameras have infra-red lighting as standard and we can add additional LED infra-red lighting on sites that require additional night-time lighting. 

See your office from home or your home from your office also keep an eye on your sites activity.


If you are alerted by your alarm system of an

activation on your premises, you can log into your CCTV to confirm the situation on site.



This is a must if you want a quick police response based on a visual verification of an intruder on your property wherever you are in the world.

CCTV Upgrades


Many customers don't realise the condition of their existing older CCTV systems until they need to retrieve

footage after an incident has occurred, 

but by this point it's already too late.

We can takeover older CCTV systems and upgrade them to the latest technology and performance to ensure your CCTV actually gives you what you need and expect from it.

A & V can also upgrade existing coaxed cameras to new HD

2-megapixel cameras over the existing coax cable by just updating the cameras and the DVR so you can move into the HD revolution and enjoy HD quality images without the need / cost of having to run new cables across the premises.

If you decide to upgrade you will now be able to take full advantage of being able to zoom in on live or playback to get more detail of any incident as images are recorded in HD 2 megapixel 1080P quality where as traditional CCTV                                 cameras produced only 704 x 480 resolution

                           (see HD example above).



Almost every DIY shop / wholesaler in the country now sell a CCTV kit that claims to give everything you’ll ever need from a CCTV system all in one box,

but this is simply not true.

At best you’ll get a camera that will produce a sub standard picture with little or no night vision

(Which is when you need it most).


You will also find that these kits provide very low quality cable which will already have connectors fitted on each end which will present a whole host of installation issues on its own

The DVR (recorder) will never have a big enough hard drive for storing those sub standard images on to and to top it all the power supplies for the cameras will always be under rated and fail, that is if the under rated IP44 (splash proof only) weather proofing doesn’t fail the camera first!

In short buying a CCTV kit in a box is a complete waste of money and time and does not compare in any way to a professionally suppliied and installed CCTV solution by A & V security.

"Your security is our business"